Thursday, January 6, 2011

House For ....


Here's the deal - I have a house in San Antonio.  When I left San Antonio to go to the Clinton School I put the house on the market.  I was hoping to sell it to help pay for school.  You may have noticed that the housing market isn't so good for sellers these days.
I bemoaned the current economic situation and its detrimental impact on the sale of my house many times.  It's felt like a huge financial anchor weighing me down.  On my most recent trip back to San Antonio for the holidays I decided to stop worrying about selling it.
It's a "fixer-upper" for lack of a better term.  I put some work into making it rentable.  I might as well make a little money while it's sitting on the market, I thought.
Then I had another thought, What good could I do with this house?  Is there some way to not just make it less of a burden, but to use it to help others?

Here's where you come in.  I need ideas and help answering those questions.  I need suggestions for question: What's the most good I could do with my house?

This is the only example I've come up with so far.  Imagine the unfortunate, but very possible circumstance that someone in San Antonio loses their home to fire or other natural disaster.  Could I offer them my house for whatever they could afford to pay while they get their insurance in order and try to find some stability?

If you're out there and reading, I'd love to have more ideas for the most good that could be done with this house.


  1. You could contact the red cross to see what they say. They respond to fire emergencies and are often the ones that give the displaced housing.

    And answer your phone! :)

  2. You're the man, Monteith. Seriously. This is a cool re-purposing idea, I love that you are exploring it. I was wondering if there were churches, non-profits, schools (high schools, or even colleges) in SA that might be really open to your offer? Maybe sending a general proposal/framework of your idea to such places, might get their organizational juices going on needs they have vs. resources of space that they lack. You might find that there are org's in SA that would jump at this as some answer to their own needs/vision. Good luck!

  3. Whatever you do, get clear terms in writing.

  4. What about using this house for refugees? I am sure you can find a family that is in need of a home, and receive whatever they can pay.