Monday, March 8, 2010

I love...

...walking. For a variety of reasons, including that I couldn't get it to start, I gave up my car before coming to Arkansas. I don't miss it. I was fortunate to find a great place to live just half a mile from school. I'm really close to a post office and just blocks away from the central bus station. The main branch of the library is even closer than the school. Everything I need on a regular basis is within walking distance, except the grocery store. And during the summer months there's a farmer's market nearby, which helps in that regard.
To get the grocery store during the winter months I've both borrowed a car and ridden the bus. Those few times I've been behind the wheel have done nothing to inspire me to get a car again. I used to love the freedom of driving anywhere on a whim. Now that I don't drive regularly, I recognize the different kinds of stress that freedom brought with it. Little things from paying attention to when I needed to fill up with gas to bigger things like sharing the road with reckless drivers.
I prefer the stress of finding a good pair of walking shoes and the relaxation of a good walk everyday.